Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the frequently asked questions categorized into different topics.

Program management & mentoring tools

Can I create custom KPI's?
Yes, you have the ability to create custom metrics and set each one up with their own frequencies of collection as well as individual assignments.
Can I evaluate and assess my startups?
Yes, you can create custom evaluation criterias and/or scorecards to permit mentors, experts and coaches to evaluate your startups. These are extremely flexible and will allow you to use whichever model you want, including your own.
Is all the data exportable?
Yes, all the data in the Accubate platform is completely exportable at a click of a button.
How many events can I create for my community?
The number of events you can create for your community is unlimited! You can also set different visibility settings to make sure the right event is available to the right member of your community.
Can I send feedback forms to my community?
Yes, you can!
As a Mentor, how many hours am I expected to spend communicating with my Mentee?
There is no set requirement for the number of hours for mentor-mentee communication, as these are subject to change.

Application Process

Can I customize my application & evaluation form myself?
Yes, we have an extremely flexible form builder with which an applicant can create and customize forms based on his/her needs.
Is there any restriction imposed on the number of applications we can receive?
No, the number of applications one can receive is unlimited. Go ahead, and push that marketing button!
Can I manage two or more application processes simultaneously?
Of course! The number of applications or call for applications you can create and manage simultaneously is limitless. Furthermore, multiple applications are permitted to have separate processes when applying.
Can I translate my forms into different languages?
Absolutely! The application and evaluation forms are can be translated into a multitude of languages including English, French, Spanish, Deutsche, Portuguese, Arabic, Bahasa, Ukrainian, and Russian.